James Harvey
Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon
and Reconstruction Specialist.

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Mr James Harvey is trained in both Breast and Plastic surgery

Mr James Harvey offers the full range of cancer surgery including lumpectomy surgery, sentinel node biopsy, therapeutic mammoplasty (breast reduction surgery whilst taking the cancer out at the same time) and mastectomy with or without reconstruction.

Breast Cosmetic Surgery

In the NHS and privately, James Harvey performs breast reduction and breast augmentation surgery, with implants or lipoaugmentation. He specialises in correction of congenital asymmetry and gynaecomastia surgery and the use of polyurethane covered implants

Breast Reconstruction

Mr James Harvey lectures Nationally and Internationally on techniques in breast reconstruction. He performs Prepectoral and subpectoral breast reconstruction with implants, nipple sparing mastectomy, dermal sling reconstruction and risk reducing mastectomy.

He also performs autologous reconstruction and breast reconstruction with fat grafting as well as breast reconstruction after male breast cancers.

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Revision of Breast Reconstruction

Mr James Harvey runs a tertiary referral clinic where he sees patients for complex revisional surgery of their reconstructions. Mr Harvey can offer an expert opinion on any problems with your current reconstruction along with possible solutions.

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Family Story or Family History of Breast Cancer

If you have a family story of breast cancer Mr James Harvey offers a consultation service to go through your family history and how to manage your risk. This may involve genetic advice or genetic testing. For most women it will be to give you the information you need about lifestyle choices to reduce your risk, and discussing regular screening or risk-reducing surgery.

Mr James Harvey is one of a small number of carefully chosen breast surgeons in Manchester performing risk reducing surgery and reconstruction for women at High Risk.

James Harvey Works at:

  • Nightingale & Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Centre, University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust. The Nightingale Centre is nationally recognised as a centre of excellence for breast cancer treatment and is the largest such unit in the UK. Dates employed: November 2012 to present.

Telephone  0161 291 4444 for an appointment or enquiry.

  • BMI Alexandra Cheadle. Dates employed February 2015 to present. BUPA accredited breast specialist.

James Harvey works at ‘One stop breast clinic’ on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings, where the patient has all examinations and mammograms/ ultrasound performed in one visit. This is the nationally recommended protocol for investigation of breast problems.

Telephone 0161 393 3993 for an appointment or enquiry.

BUPA Verified Breast Specialist

Mr Harvey is a verified and accredited BUPA breast Specialist. This ensures he offers a quality service with good outcomes.

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Personal Philosophy

‘The one thing that matters to me is the personal care of my patient. Each patient and their family are given all the time they need to talk through and acquire the information in order for them to make an informed decision about their treatment. I care for my patients, I care about their families and I do everything I can to make their treatment as supported and stress free as possible’.

Education and Training

1998 – Graduated from Newcastle University

2000- 2012 – Breast surgery training, including

  • Completion of prestigious TIG National Fellowship in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery under the tutelage of leading Plastic and Breast Reconstructive surgeons in Sheffield.
  • Awarded a PHd for research into Breast Cancer Immunology.

2012 – Appointed as Consultant at the University Hospital of South Manchester.

Professional Membership

  • Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons
  • Fellow of the Association of Breast Surgery (ABS)
  • Member of Association of Breast Surgery Research Committee

Other Professional Interests

  • Honorary Senior Lecturer at University of Manchester. Participates in the teaching of trainee breast and plastic surgeons at both local and national levels.
  • Invited speaker at International Breast meetings such as ORBS 2018, including Strattice Breast Reconstruction, the use of Polyurethane breast implants and Magseed for the localisation of breast cancers.
  • Lead for Patient Safety in the Nightingale Breast Unit.
  • NIHR Greater Manchester clinical research breast surgery network lead.  Mr Harvey’s principal research interests are in the areas of breast reconstruction outcomes and breast cancer.
  • Director of Medical Advisory Board for Prevent Breast Cancer Charity
  • Author of the Oxford Handbook of Breast Disease Management

Professional Publications

  • A prospective comparison of short-term outcomes of subpectoral and prepectoral Strattice based immediate breast reconstruction.
  • Safety and feasibility of breast lesion localisation using Magnetic Seeds (Magseed): a multi-centre open label cohort study.
  • Less than IDEAL? Response to Dikmans et al (2016) – Two-stage implant-based breast reconstruction compared with immediate one-stage implant-based breast reconstruction augmented with an acellular dermal matrix: an open-label, phase 4 controlled trial.
  • Total duct excision through a linear radial areola incision. In Press.
  • A randomised pilot study comparing 13 G vacuum-assisted biopsy and conventional 14 G core needle biopsy of axillary lymph nodes in women with breast cancer.
  • Infection Prevention in Breast Implant Surgery – A Review of the Surgical Evidence, Guidelines and a Checklist Review Article
  • Systematic review of the effectiveness of polyurethane-coated compared with textured silicone implants in breast surgery
  • One-stage breast reconstruction using the inferior dermal flap, implant and free nipple graft.
  • Clinical and radiological presentation of pleomorphic lobular carcinoma in-situ and its association with invasive malignancy
  • Current attitudes to breast reconstruction surgery for women at risk of post-mastectomy radiotherapy: A survey of UK breast surgeons.

Prevent Breast Cancer

‘Prevent Breast Cancer’ is the the only UK breast cancer charity funding ground-breaking research solely aimed at preventing the disease for future generations. Our research will one day bring about a world where breast cancer is preventable and thousands of lives are saved from ever experiencing this terrible disease’.

In June 2019 Mr Harvey is cycling 3,000miles across America in 8 days to raise £125,000 for the breast cancer charity “Prevent Breast Cancer”. To find out more about the challenge, or to read blogs and updates visit www.raceacrossamericachallenge.com


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What an amazing surgeon with great quality results due to his incredible attention to detail. Mister Harvey is a really approachable and empathetic gentleman, who genuinely takes an interest in you personally, he really takes the time to listen and gets under the skin of what you are trying to achieve as an outcome and he is flexible and innovative in his approach to ensure he exceeds your expectatations. I have always felt that I was in safe hands, given the latest treatment options and provided with all the information I needed to make the decisions about my care. Mister Harvey really does put you first and will go the extra mile to ensure you are treated and cared for to the highest standards. By verified patient

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